fredag 25. mars 2016

Children Collect...

"Happy Childhood Memories - In the Making" - t-shirt design by Prinser & Prinsesser

Children collect. They collect everything. Rocks, sticks, shells, and moments. Some moments may turn into happy childhood memories, to keep forever.

Thank you for all the positive feedback at Instagram during the design process of this longsleeved t-shirt! I am happy to announce it is now available for you to purchase. 

Now available - teaser from forthcoming children's clothes collection by Prinser & Prinsesser.

This t-shirt is a teaser from a forthcoming children's clothes collection designed by Prinser & Prinsesser. I am very excited about it and will keep you updated on Instagram during the process, with glimpses behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

Go and check out the t-shirt in the web store: